Alright, follow me on this one. Pushover is an app for Android that allows web apps, scripts, and a ton of other fancy developer things to plug in to your notification shade on your phone or tablet. Ifttt (short for 'If This, Then That') is a web app that lets you script actions that will be performed when predetermined conditions like new emails, new dropbox files, new RSS feed posts, etc., are met. Ifttt now supports Pushover notifications. The internet is officially subject to your whims. Now you can be notified of virtually anything that Ifttt is aware of, directly in the most convenient notification system you have. Oh, and did I mention that Pushover is on sale for $0.99 right now to celebrate Ifttt support? Yeah. This is pretty much awesome.

2012-07-23_19h35_54 dropbox

Left: The Ifttt rule. "If a new file appears in my Public Dropbox folder, send a notification to my Nexus 7." Right: it works. Like a boss.

The possibilities for this combo are virtually limitless. Okay, technically, it's limited to the supported input mechanisms of Ifttt and all you can really do with Pushover is get notifications of things, but still. The number of things you can do is amazing. As an example, here's a reader-created recipe that will send a notification to your device any time there we, Android Police, publish an app, game, or tablet roundup.

Ifttt has already been a fantastic tool for automating tasks on the internet using many of your favorite web services. With Pushover, however, you can now be alerted to absolutely anything that Ifttt can know immediately in your notification shade. Okay, technically recipes refresh on a 15-minute cycle, but you get what I'm saying and it's awesome, okay?

Source: Ifttt Pushover Channel, Pushover on Google Play

Developer: Pushover, LLC
Price: Free+