Ask any five Android fanatics you know the following question: "What's the most exciting tablet-based launcher project in the world right now?" And you're likely to get five identical responses. The Chameleon launcher has captured the imagination of Android tablet aficionados after a successful Kickstarter campaign and plenty of coverage from news outlets like this one. Today the developers posted two videos showing off Chameleon's impressive complexity and flexibility, and naturally they're showing it off on the hottest Android tablet going: the Nexus 7.

Of the two videos on display, the one above is of the most interest, since it gives us a good look at Chameleon's fascinating widget engine. The speed and adaptability of placing and changing widgets is truly impressive. I do have to wonder about the sheer number of interactive elements on each homescreen (with at least three separated by function) but it appears that the launcher will be at least as customizable as the others on the market at the moment.

Your faithful Android Police writers are all subscribed to the Chameleon private beta, set to begin in early August. We'll be sure to give you an exhaustive rundown once we get our hands on the launcher, leading up to its public release in the fall.

[Thanks, Michael!]