Google's new tablet, the Nexus 7 is already a pretty sweet deal. Only $200 for a Tegra 3 tablet with a quality screen and solid construction is almost more than we could ask for. The fact that Google is nice enough to throw in a $25 credit to Google Play is just the icing on the cake. It turns out that it might be even better, though. By logging into a different account, the Nexus 7 keeps handing out $25 credits like a sleek little cash machine.

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You can't just add a secondary account to the device and get the free money. No, you have to factory reset the device, and log in the new account during start up. As long as there is a credit card attached to this account, you get another $25 to spend in Google Play. This is probably not a Google-sanctioned activity, but would they go so far as to limit the gift to one per tablet? The idea is to give people new to the Nexus 7 some free money, and that person might not be the original owner.

When the Kindle Fire came out, I noticed that I could reset the device and get the one month of free Prime on a different account. So, this is not completely without precedent. If you or your family members want a little free Google money, you can give this a shot. Is it taking advantage of Google? Probably. If you're going to try this, you might want to get on it soon in case Mountain View does get wise and puts a stop to it.

[Thanks, Jonathan and Aaron]