An awesome little Jelly Bean tip came across my desk today. Direct from a Googler, no less!

In the middle of a rousing discussion on G+ about the uniformity of Jelly Bean's new default app dialog (GTKA article forthcoming), Adam Powell, an Android framework engineer, clued us in to the following Jelly Bean protip:

You know the app pickers in Jelly Bean? These things:

wm_2012-07-17 14.57.53wm_2012-07-17 15.05.57wm_2012-07-17 16.04.38wm_2012-07-17 16.35.49

They've been given a makeover in JB. They switched from a black list to a white grid with giant icons, and that's great and all, but there's a new, less obvious addition to these little menus. They are now long-pressable! Check it out:


Long pressing on an icon will jump you directly to the App Info screen for that application. That's super handy for when you spot that strange app that you'd like to get rid of. It works on every white grid dialog I've found.

So you can now jump to App Info with a long press on a notification, a recent app thumbnail, or the app picker.

Isn't that neat? We thought that was neat.

Thanks Adam!