Smule is a developer best known for creating some really amazing novelty music apps. The company's latest is AutoRap which does exactly what it says on the tin: it takes your speech and automagically turns it into a rap. To test this feature, I fed it the only logical thing to run through an auto-rapping app: Shakespeare. Specifically, Puck's closing monologue from A Midsummer Night's Dream.


If your head's not bopping and your butt's not shaking, you have no appreciation for music or literature. On a more serious note, the app is pretty impressive and beautifully designed. The colors on the intricate designs pulse to the sound of your voice and processing is pretty fast. In case you would like an example of what this app can do that doesn't try to completely bastardize one of the greatest writers of all time, here's a video of the developer trying it out with a Cornholio impression. So, you know, the entire opposite end of the spoken word spectrum:

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I'm giggling like a child watching this thing. Beavis hasn't been this funny since...actually, Beavis was never this funny. All in all, this app is pretty good at converting just about anything into a midly catchy rap song.

autorap1 autorap2 autorap3

The app has a selection of different rap beats and also features a mode to let you rap along to some of your favorite rap songs. So go ahead and download this app. Hold on to it until the next time that you and your friends are hanging out in the presence of alcohol, then break this thing out. And be sure to share every ridiculous thing you record publicly online before you have a chance to think about what it would do to your reputation. Then send me the link.