Update: It looks like Amazon got its shipment in before expected, as the gray TF700 has just switched over to "in stock." As a result, Amazon is now sending out notifications to everyone who has already ordered to let them know that their tablet is on the way:


So if you haven't already, now may be the time to order! Thanks, David!

Office Depot beat them to the punch, but if you want options when buying a shiny new ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700, you'd best check out Amazon. They've got the gray and champagne flavors in 32GB ($499.99) and 64GB ($599.99) plus matching docks at the standard price of $149.99. For you Amazon regulars, all that hardware qualifies for free Prime shipping.

tpi amazon

Unfortunately, pretty much everything Infinity seems to be running low on stock. The 32GB models are currently delayed by 3-4 weeks for the gray version and over a month for champagne. The keyboard docks are all showing a 1-2 month delay in shipping. At least you've got a timeline here - Office Depot is already showing the tablet as completely out of stock. Is anyone else getting Transformer Prime flashbacks?

It's worth noting that the Amazon prices for the Transformer Prime TF201, which the TF700 replaces with a 1080p screen and a more wireless-friendly body, haven't fallen yet. Bargain hunters should probably wait a few weeks, or opt for the more budget-friendly Transformer Pad TF300.



[Thanks, @CodemonkeyJesse!]