If you bought a pre-LTE Evo phone in the last year and you've been feeling left out in the cold, worry not. Sprint and HTC are in the process of bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to your device. If your device happens to be an Evo 3D or Evo Design, that is. The older flagship Evo and this year's midrange phone are slated to reach Android 4.0 sometime in August.


Yes, we know that once again, it's not Jelly Bean. Of course, Ice Cream Sandwich is a huge departure from Gingerbread and apparently it's not unusual for updates to take a while. Even CyanogenMod said that the transition to CM9 was a lengthy one. The jury's still out on whether or not these devices will see Android 4.1, but at least the major hurdle will be crossed, and pretty soon at that. So, hold tight Evo owners.

Except for those of you with the original Evo or the Shift. You may very well be out of luck this time around.

Source: Sprint