This is the latest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see Do You Intend To Buy A Nexus 7?

We're picking up on the sub-series of polls on your use of the Play store from a few weeks ago, but with a new twist: magazines. Prior to I/O 2012, pretty much nobody used the Play store for movies and music (though Google hopes that will change with slightly more full shelves and the Nexus 7), but what about the new magazines section of the store?

It's not exactly a secret that magazine and newspaper subscriptions have been in decline for years, which begs the question... who reads magazines anymore? Are they the same people who use tablets? Personally, I replaced my 4 or 5 magazine subscriptions with a handful of blogs years ago. While blogs aren't not quite as efficient, I can save $50/yr and get 98% of the content. (Of course, I say that now, but when I sat down to write up this poll I went to the magazines section of the store and... well, I now have a 1-year digital subscription to Maximum PC. It complements my digital edition of The Economist well.)

Have you tried any magazine offerings from the Play store yet? Specifically, have you purchased, and more importantly, will you continue to purchase in the future?

Will You Buy Magazines From The Play Store?

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