The Android Police Week In Review is back! And that shouldn't be surprising, because it's Sunday. Unless you have amnesia. Or you're just reading it for the first time. I'm going to guess the latter is probably a little more common. And whether you're an amnesiac or a first-timer, you can catch a lot of these stories on our podcast, too.


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Android at Arms (legal news)

  • Injunction junction, what's your function? No, seriously, what the hell is up with all these injunctions?
  • The Galaxy Nexus is back in the Play Store, bringing joy pretty exclusively to thousands of Android fans who already own one and were completely unaffected by this whole situation in the first place. But it makes you feel good, right?
  • Fujifilm is suing Motorola Mobility, and I'm sure their reasons are completely justified. No one would ever try to shamelessly extract royalties from a company Google now owns.

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The Hotsheet (device news)

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