Sure, it's not the big daddy HTC One X that those smug jerks over on AT&T are enjoying, nor is it the Galaxy S III that seems to be stealing all the headlines. But 25 greenbacks for HTC's flagship mid-range device - which still beats out pretty much every phone released from a year or more back, and many since - is hard to pass up. That's the price you'll pay for a new HTC One S on T-Mobile's web store, after an eye-popping limited time discount of $175.

one s 25 smackaroos

Combine that with a $350 subsidy for signing a new or recurring two-year contract and a $50 mail-in-rebate (remember those?) and the grand total for the quite respectable 4.3-inch ICS phone is just $24.99. That's less than Wirefly's currently offering ($139) and a heck of a lot less than the $549 price for a contract free phone. If you want this one, act fast - the discount disappears after this Sunday, July 15th.

Source: T-Mobile Web Store