The Verizon Galaxy S III is finally available. You can walk into a Verizon store and buy yourself a shiny new GSIII for $200 right now - so long as you're okay with 16 GB of storage and not into unlocked bootloaders, that is.

That aside, if you do plan on picking up the GSIII on Big Red today, you can save yourself $50+ buy ordering from Amazon Wireless, Let's Talk, or Wirefly. The 16 GB variant is available from Let's Talk and Wirefly right now, but is currently listed as backordered from Amazon Wireless (we expect that should change later today), and all three have it listed for $150.


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If, however, you're dead-set on the 32 GB variant, it's listed as in-stock on Wirefly only, and you can snag it for $200 (it's $250 at Amazon Wireless). Basically, you'll get 16 more geebees for the same price as Verizon is selling the base model. Not bad.

It's also worth noting that, should you choose to order from Let's Talk, you can get an additional 10% off by using the coupon code TALK4TEN at checkout.

Pick your vendor, pick your phone, and place your order. All the respective links are below.

Let's Talk

Amazon Wireless


Thanks, Daniel!