When we first discovered Slice, the app that scans your email for packages that you're waiting to be delivered, has updated to version 2.0 and brought a host of new features with it. For starters, if you use Hotmail, AOL, or iCloud as your primary email, you can now join in the fun. You can track outgoing packages by scanning tracking barcodes as well or entering the number manually, and filtering options have been improved.

slice1 slice2 slice3

The app also adds a new feature called "Thingerprint" which, aside from having a truly bizarre name, allows you to see how much money you've spent on what types of goods. So, if you've been feeling like you're spending an inordinate amount of money on gadgets or books lately, now you can get the proof.

Slice is a must-have app for anyone who sends or receives a lot of packages, so if you haven't already downloaded it, grab it from the widget below. Otherwise, your update awaits!

Slice: Package Tracker
Slice: Package Tracker
Developer: Slice
Price: Free