Aiming to "unlock the world's creativity," the team at Fluid Software recently completed a project that began in January 2011 with the release of Fluid UI 1.0. The tool, which is powered by HTML 5 and based online, allows users to quickly and easily create mobile UI mockups for Android (both tablets and phones), as well as iOS using a simple interface that includes all of the basic building blocks (clip art icons, navigation elements, system bars, etc.) for beautiful, style-guide friendly interfaces.

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Fluid UI's building interface can link, clone, and add pages and other elements, while providing an impressive array of transition options including various gestures and page-transition animations that are automatically baked in to your mockup. Those wishing to create mockups that are a little closer to their vision of a final product can upload custom images, defining various actionable hotspots.

If the inclusion of preset buttons and navigation bars makes the prototype process fast, the addition of an upload function makes Fluid UI's builder fast and versatile. With enough patience, a fully fleshed out design mockup can be created with working navigation all from Fluid's stunning HTML5 interface.


Beyond its insanely versatile building interface, Fluid UI provides "Fluid Player," an app that will allow you to test your mockups on actual phones. Projects can also be tested directly from your device's browser, or saved as PNG files, HTML output, printed pages, or shared via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.

Those looking to give Fluid UI a try can sign up for a free account or just hit "try it now" at The tool is also available via monthly subscription, with plans ranging from 3 active projects at $29/month to 30 active projects at $129/month. It's worth noting that exporting pages or full projects to HTML, image, or print is limited to those with premium accounts.

There's no doubt that Fluid UI can make itself an invaluable tool to app/mobile designers everywhere, and it's a project worth keeping an eye on, as the team at Fluid Software show no signs of slowing down. For those interested, Ian Hannigan of Fluid Software is answering questions and discussing the project with users over at Reddit.

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