OK, OK, that's actually Linus Torvalds expressing his feelings about NVIDIA, but there's no better way to articulate the continued frustration with the complete lack of Sprint Galaxy Nexus support in AOSP. Verizon is [almost] there. Sprint, however, is not. Try finding it (hint: its codename is toroplus) - specifically, the CDMA/LTE binaries.

If you still have doubts about the above notion so eloquently conveyed by Linus' gesture, Jean-Baptiste Queru's comment confirms:

As far as toroplus, the situation is unchanged: there are no plans to support it as a target device for custom AOSP builds.

Sprint and Samsung, it's time to pony up those drivers. As far as we can tell, that's the only major difference between your toroplus compared to toro on Verizon. This is a Nexus, not a third-rate device. People want AOSP support, and you should seriously consider giving it to them. They are known to vote with their money after all.