One of the key aspects of Android is its open-source nature, and one of the biggest players in the open-source community is GitHub. What better way to tie that all together than for GitHub to release an Android app? Probably none.

Clearly GitHub subscribes to a similar school of thought, as it has just released a swish-looking application to the Play store, offering a bunch of nifty features like issue tracking, following your friends' projects, and discussing code with the community.

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As you might expect, the entire application is open-source, and GitHub has invited users to take a look through their app's repository to see exactly how the application was built. Fitting right in with the latest Android style, the GitHub app uses a nice implementation of the Android UI guidelines (AKA "Holo"), which should be a good basis for other application developers to derive their own application themes from.

The GitHub application requires an account to use, but it's free to sign up, so go check it out.

Source: GitHub Blog

The app was not found in the store. :-(