An Android port of the classic board game Battleship isn't, by any means, a new or novel idea - apps like Naval Clash have been offering this functionality for ages now - but once you've laid your eyes on Ships N' Battles (the latest such port), you'll never go back to the previous efforts.

battleship 1 battleship 2 battleship 3

Ships N' Battles, Skahal Studios' first foray into the Play Store, merges the classic board game with fancy new HD graphics. And to great effect - if the screenshots above weren't sufficient evidence of that, have a gander at this video demo:

The budding dev hasn't sacrificed function in the name of form, however; an awesome multiplayer mode is included, complete with support for both online ('Global Server') and WiFi ('local area network') gaming. Here's what else Ships N' Battles includes:

  • 4 types of ships
  • 10 different bonuses
  • 4 levels of difficulty in Singleplayer
  • Accelerated mode in the single player

The game is a 38 MB download and currently costs $0.99 on the Play Store. Want to download it? Below lies all the info you'll need to start shooting ships on the go.

Ships N' Battles SnB
Ships N' Battles SnB
Price: $0.99

via DroidGamers