When Jelly Bean was announced, it's as if you could hear the entire Android community speak in unison: CM10! Anyone who has been around the block a time or two knows, though, you just don't ask for ETAs on CM builds. Of course, it wouldn't really matter if you did at this point - the JB source code isn't even available yet. However, the CyanogenMod Team took the time to address many of the questions on everyone's minds on their G+ earlier today, and we have to admit - it all sounds pretty good.

The post starts by addressing the version number; since JB is an incremental update to ICS will it be CM9.1? Or CM10? Since CM has given a full version update to each new Android release, JB is no different: it will be CM10.

Of course, the first question that everyone wants to know (aside from when will I get CM10?) is will my device get CM10?! And the answer to that question is... maybe. If your device is officially supported on CM9, then there's a very good chance that it will also get CM10. Makes sense. Fortunately, the update from ICS to JB isn't nearly as complex as GB to ICS, so CM will not have to be re-built from the ground up again; basically, this means that the rollout of CM10 should be a lot faster than CM9. And we all love faster updates.

So, moving forward, the CM team plans to release a final build of CM9 and then work exclusively on CM7 (keeping it up to date for older devices) and CM10. Like always, though, they will continue to support CM9 with point updates as needed, but I think we're all in agreement about one thing: bring on the Jelly Bean!