Remember late last month when we caught what was alleged to be a white EVO 4G LTE on an inventory sheet and subsequently got a glimpse of the rumored device thanks to a suspect Sprint banner? Well, it looks like we can expect the snow-colored device to land at Sprint July 15th, according to TechnoBuffalo's "trusted source."

A white EVO LTE will probably come as no surprise to current Sprint subscribers or followers of the EVO line. Sprint has a habit of offering white versions of each iteration of the EVO, so it's only natural that the EVO LTE would follow suit.


Adding a little bit of spice to what appears to be a leaked promotional flyer, the above image also indicates that Sprint will be holding a buy-one-get-one-free deal for the Epic 4G Touch (the Now Network's variant of Samsung's Galaxy SII).

Of course, we can't confirm that the image above is 100% reliable, but whether you've been waiting for a paper-white EVO LTE or a good deal on Sprint's Galaxy SII, there is hope yet.

Source: TechnoBuffalo