According to AllThingsD, Google is working quickly to release a software patch to its Galaxy Nexus handset in order to avoid a preliminary injunction sales ban in the US. Google says the patch will be coming very soon (eg, tonight). The news came hot on the heels of Judge Koh's denial of Samsung motion to stay the ban while it appealed the injunction to the circuit court.

Google will also be assisting Samsung in its appeal of the ban, and to challenge the legitimacy of one of Apple's patents on universal search. Google is seeking to have the patent invalidated at the USPTO, as well. Does Google's issuance of a software patch necessarily mean the ban will be avoided? That's hard to say, though the fact that Apple's given up a $95 million bond in support of its sales injunction certainly means there's money on the line if it's later found the Galaxy Nexus doesn't infringe Apple's patents.

The injunction will prevent all sales and shipments of the device in the United States (as of yesterday), though many retailers will probably continue to sell the device until stocks dry up, should the software workaround fail.

Samsung will likely file for a motion to dissolve (rescind) the injunction as soon as the patch is in place, and those hearings can take place in a matter of days. We'll see how Judge Koh responds to Google and Samsung's software finagling, as thus far she hasn't seemed too sympathetic.