Perhaps the most popular (and complete) free repair manual in existence, iFixit, launched an official app for Android recently, bringing detailed step-by-step repair instructions and (of course) the saucy teardown images we've come to know and love from the service's online counterpart to your Android devices.

For those who don't know, iFixit provides users with incredibly detailed repair guides for a huge variety of things from laptops to mobile devices, game consoles, and even cars, including great imagery and nice explanations for why hardware is the way it is.

The free repair manual's official app offers the same easy-to-grasp instructions as, delivering them to your mobile device with a simple, easy interface. What's better, the app is totally open-source. Those interested can check out the source at github here.

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If you're already a fan of iFixit and just needed a quick, handy, mobile means of viewing repair guides, or if you've been looking for great free guides to repair your favorite devices, just hit the widget below to grab the app.

iFixit: Repair Manual
iFixit: Repair Manual
Developer: Dozuki
Price: Free