In the tech world, it's almost impossible to launch a high-profile device without someone claiming you've infringed a patent somewhere. Today, it's Nokia's turn with the Nexus 7. The Finnish company has stated that it believes the Nexus 7 violates some of its standards-essential patents relating to WiFi. The announcement seems to be a more casual nod to Google and ASUS to simply fork over a bit of cash, akin to the Rob Schneider prompting Kevin for a tip in Home Alone 2*.

Said Nokia to the Inquirer:

"Nokia has more than 40 licensees, mainly for its standards essential patent portfolio, including most of the mobile device manufacturers. Neither Google nor Asus is licensed under our patent portfolio. Companies who are not yet licensed under our standard essential patents should simply approach us and sign up for a license."

The company hasn't filed any suit or made any formal legal complaint against Google or ASUS just yet which, last I checked, can't be a Christmas miracle because it's only July. Still, ASUS has refused comment and Google is mum, so there's still the possibility that they won't pay up and Nokia will be forced to take legal action. So don't worry, lawyers, you may still get to buy that fifth yacht after all.

Source: Inquirer via Engadget

*I am currently accepting applications from anyone who would like to update my movie references to this millennium.