If you like fishing and playing Fruit Ninja, life just got drastically better for you. Ninja Fishing, an ultra-popular iOS game, just makes its way to Android, bringing all sorts of fishy hack-n-slash action with it.

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The basic gist is something like this: you catch fish, sling them up in the air, and then use your mad ninja skills to hack 'em up as quickly as possible. The similarity to Fruit Ninja is difficult to overstate here, but at least Ninja Fishing adds an extra element to the gameplay and, unlike Fruit Ninja, doesn't leave us wondering: where is all this stuff coming from and why is it flying through the air?

There are sixty-something fish to collect, treasures to be found, and new blades, boats, and fishing equipment to be bought in this fishy thriller. Best of all, you won't end up with fresh fish guts all over your device.

Ninja Fishing
Ninja Fishing
Developer: Gamenauts, Inc.
Price: Free+