CouchSurfing, if you haven't heard, is a service designed to allow "a global community of travelers, adventure seekers, and lifelong learners" to connect with one another so that they can arrange various get-togethers, from meals to places to spend the night. Recently, the developers of the service decided to take it to the next level with an official Android app.

couchsurfing 1 couchsurfing 2 couchsurfing 3

As you can see, the app has a rather pretty UI. Moreover, CouchSurfing promises that behind the visual bells and whistles are a good number of features:

  • Search for people to connect with
  • Respond to and send CouchRequests
  • Have conversations with upcoming hosts and surfers
  • Easily view people’s profiles

If you're an "adventure seeker" or traveler interested in the service, just hit up the download info below - right after you watch CouchSurfing's cultural documentary intro video.

Couchsurfing Travel App
Couchsurfing Travel App