Depending on how fanboyish you want to be you want to look at it, things are either getting better by the day, or still dismal as can be. First, the charts:


Obviously, the good news is that in the past month, Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0+) has moved up from 7.1% to 10.9% - and considering there are hundreds of millions of devices running Android, that seemingly meager 3.8% is actually quite a few devices.

And then there's the bad news. First, the fact that ICS is the latest (and by far the best) version of Android and yet we're happy to see it on just under 11% of devices is sad; it's even worse that it's literally 8.5 months old. But hey, Gingerbread (2.3) isn't half bad, and at least 64% of devices are runn- oh, wait... Gingerbread is 19 months old! Take out the few percent running Honeycomb (all tablets) and you're left with a scary fact: 22.7% of all Android devices are running a version of the OS that was originally released in May of 2010.

I don't even have a punch line. The fact that I literally have 8 Android devices (4 tablets, 4 phones) on my desk right now is a testament to how much I love it, but even I have to admit that this shit's just not right.

[Source: Android Developer Dashboard]