Google tends to put Easter Eggs into all Android OS releases - remember the one Jelly Bean came with? Turns out the company stuffs these treats into more than just the operating system, as the Nexus Q's Android app has it too.

Beneath the tough outer shell of the Q lives a lonely Magic 8 Ball. To summon this genie bipolar fortuneteller, rub tap it in the right place a few times, and out it comes. The right place happens to be the image of the sphere (first screenshot below) - just tap away, and the Q will eventually exclaim "Have a dilemma? Ask the Q."

As you can see, it knows its stuff, though the bipolar nature shows through sometimes:

Screenshot_2012-07-01-15-35-12 Screenshot_2012-07-01-16-21-16 Screenshot_2012-07-01-15-34-59

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Thanks, +Adrian Perez!