In the second half of a double Google Analytics whammy, Google has introduced new features for mobile developers and marketers in the Analytics dashboard. While Google's other announcement, an Analytics mobile app, made our site's founder combustible with joy, this announcement is sure to bring cheer to those with products already in the Play store. These new features give insight into how Android users discover apps, along with their usage patterns, in order to enable developers and marketers to increase their products' reach and improve their performance.


Said features include tracking of new user numbers, of traffic sources for Google Play hits, of installed app versions, and of the different devices accessing your apps. Additionally, mobile developers will be able to see how it is that their users behave once engaged in the app, tracking behavior characteristics such as screen time and what circumstances resulted in app crashes. The ever-important aspect of profit is also touched on, with the ability to track purchases, revenue, and set milestones.


For readers with privacy concerns about such tracking, Google states that this new experience is "opt-out ready," hopefully allaying any backlash about such deep-seated user monitoring.

These features come along with the new Analytics SDK v2.0, but are not yet available to all developers. Sign-ups are now open for the Mobile App Analytics beta, with Google expecting a widespread release by the end of the summer.

Source: Google Analytics Blog via Google+ Analytic