We've seen no shortage of baseball games for Android, but that didn't stop Hothead Games - who's previously brought us such hits as Machinarium and Big Win Soccer - from releasing its own take on the mobile baseball craze.

The "game for everyone," as Hothead so loftily calls it, comes with a number of features meant to reel baseball fans in on a hook:

CREATE your own unique dream team, COMPETE against opponents from around the world, WATCH your team battle it out on the diamond, BOOST your player’s pitching, hitting, fielding and other skills and get ready to win the Daily Pennant for the ultimate BIG WIN!

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As you can see, the graphics are quite fancy - as they should be in a game that faces competition such as this. However, the user interaction is pretty limited at best - rather than directly playing in the game, you simply choose players for it based on info you gather from cards, and then watch them play. This may be an ideal style of mobile baseball gaming for some (which would be understandable given the minimal real estate on smartphones), but at least for me, things got very boring, very fast. Not one of Hothead Games' better titles, if you ask me.

Still, the game is free on the Play Store, so if you're interested, you know where to find all the info you'll need to try it out.

BIG WIN Baseball
BIG WIN Baseball
Developer: Hothead Games
Price: Free+