Google's keynote address on day 2 of Google I/O was all Chrome, all day. Now that Chrome is the default browser for Android, combined with the company's continued push behind Chrome OS, you can expect to see the browser everywhere from now on. Including in the hour-and-twenty-minute video below featuring all the new (and old) features and developments in Chrome.

If you're short on time, or I/O is just overwhleming, Google's done you the favor of piecing together all the best parts of day 1 and 2's keynotes in a single, easy-to-digest four minute video. There are even a few snippets of some of the exhibitors at the keynote. Including a pack of helicopter drones with a net they used to throw and catch a ball. Because why not?

Today is day 3 of Google I/O, and things are winding down, but we'll still be bringing you all the biggest stories as they developed, so stay tuned.

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