Swiftkey 3 recently arrived on the Play Store, and not too long afterwards, the company has posted a statement on its blog letting us know that the app is currently the best-selling paid app on the Play Store. Not too bad, SwiftKey! Of course, the biggest challenge is ahead, as Google announced yesterday that, from Jelly Bean onwards, the default Android keyboard will attempt to predict your next word. Which smacks just a little of SwiftKey's pitch.

The company says it's not worried about it in the least:

It’s also good news for us. Google’s commitment supports the vision we had two years ago when we launched the world’s first keyboard that learns from you to predict your next word. Since then, we’ve been working flat out to assemble a cluster of other incredible innovations that, when bundled together, create the world’s easiest, most accurate and most powerful way to type on a touchscreen.

In short: "Bring it, Google." A ballsy statement. As for myself, I still swear by SwiftKey on my phone. This will definitely be interesting to watch as Google's default input method steamrolls into SwiftKey's territory. Fun times, indeed.

Source: SwiftKey Blog