Good news for those of you in the UK; according to Engadget, you will be able to pick up a 16GB Nexus 7 from your local store on July 27th for £199, with the 8GB model being sold exclusively through the Play Store for £159.

The 16GB model will be stocked by retailers such as PC World, Comet, Tesco and Ebuyer, with contracts available through Carphone Warehouse if you can't bring yourself to splash £200 on a new tablet straight away.

Considering how little attention Android tablets get in UK stores at the moment, this is big news for both Google and ASUS, who will be hoping to get the attention of consumers with a sleek, fast device and a very attractive price point.

If you prefer, you can pre-order both the 8GB and 16GB versions straight from the Play Store right now, although Google is charging £9.99 for delivery in the UK, which brings the price up a little bit.


Source: Engadget