Lightopus is a top-down arcade-style game that prides itself on being very pretty. In this game, you play as the last adult Lightopus, and it's up to you to save the young of your species from the monsters of the Abyss. You do this by zipping around the screen and dodging enemies as you collect your offspring, known as bulbies.

The description isn't lying when it says the game is system-intensive. The environments are almost psychedelic in their color palate. There are elaborate swimming organisms, flashy lighting effects, and even animated backgrounds. You maneuver around just by tapping, but combat is unique and very challenging. As you pick up bulbies, they follow you in a cloud. You have to steer around enemies so that your bulbies collide with them. Apparently the bulbies are fine with this.

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Lightopus is free to download, but has a fairly annoying ad at the bottom of the screen. Strangely, there is no in-app purchase to unlock the full version. All you can do is complete the special offers or collect in-game points the old fashioned way to unlock the ad-free version. Many of the offers are for free apps, so it's not that bad. I would still prefer to just buy the game, though.

Developer: Appxplore (iCandy)
Price: Free+