While not quite as famous among the Android gaming community as, say, Rovio or Square Enix, Com2uS has had its fair share of hits - most notably, the company has churned out such popular games as Homerun Battle 3D and Slice It. Now, the devs are back at it with something of an Angry Birds look-a-like: Swing Shot.

shot_000004 shot_000006 shot_000007

Rather than shooting birds at pigs, however, Swing Shot starts off with monkeys shooting stones at other monkeys, albeit ones that have been cursed by an evil witch (after, that is, you either create an account or log in as a guest - I just opted for the latter). As you progress through the game, you'll also do battle with raccoons, bears, and all sorts of other animals. And that's just arcade mode - you can also choose to play online with either random opponents or friends.

shot_000010 shot_000008 shot_000009

The graphics, needless to say, aren't going to break any records; but I think we can all agree that with a casual game such as this, graphics aren't really the point. The music, meanwhile, is cute - very suitable for a game of this genre.

Swing Shot ran very smoothly enough on my EVO 3D, although it displayed a black screen for a few seconds after the device woke up from sleep mode and after I switched to the game from another open app. Still, considering it's free, Swing Shot is definitely worth your time - if only to leave a nasty comment complaining that AP posted about yet another Angry Bird clone. Yes, yes we did.

The app was not found in the store. :-(