As Google+ continues to get better, it's only inevitable that it'll start showing up in more and more places. And Google intends for that to happen as soon as possible, from the looks of it - Mountain View just announced its Google+ Developer Platform.

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The Google+ SDK, which should be available "in the coming weeks," will allow Android app developers to integrate G+ into their products more seamlessly. Features will include:

  • A "sign in with Google+ button" - once incorporated into apps, this will allow users to sign in using Google+ instead of creating an account specific to the app. Think signing into apps with Facebook, but with Google+ instead of FB
  • A "Share plugin" - this means you'll be able to share links, photos, etc. in supported apps via Google+
  • A "+1 button" - the "public stamp of approval" that you can already give links you've found on Google (it shares the link on your Google+ stream) - only now, you'll be able to share URLs you find in apps
  • The "Google+ history API" - this is an intriguing feature. Users will be able to save "moments" from supported apps to their private Google+ history, at which point they'll have the option of sharing these "moments" with others. What these "moments" might be is anyone's guess
  • And more - Google promises the G+ APIs will allow devs to create a "more personalized and integrated experience," as they will "bring people and conversations into your app using public Google+ content, such as user profiles, posts, and comments."

Again, the platform will be available for Android "soon"; interestingly enough, it will also be available for iOS, but only in "Developer Preview" - in Google's words, "you can test and run your iOS applications, but not yet go into production."

Go, devs, go!

Source: Google Developers via Google+ Blog- thanks for the tip, Heller!