Google just announced a new, completely revamped developer console that should replace the current app publishing system in the near future. The private beta sign-up link will show up in developers' consoles soon, followed by a global rollout sometime after that.

The new console is very clean and addresses numerous issues with the current generation interface. Some highlights include:

  • A separated interface for updating various pieces of metadata and uploading APKs - rather than having to do them all at once, you will be able to update them one by one.
  • When you upload updated APKs, you will now be able to see how they compare to the versions that are being updated, and how the new version will affect device compatibility (see slides below).
  • The presenters also mentioned that developers can now publish a link to their privacy policies, which will be surfaced to users in the near future (my guess is after the next Play Store update).
  • Not pictured below, charts and all kinds of statistics, which could currently be really slow for developers with hundreds or even thousands of apps, is going to get faster. A lot faster, apparently. Can't complain about that.

Congratulations, devs!

Update: the session video is now live:

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