While the world waits for Google's own $200 7" tablet to be announced at Google I/O, CNET is reporting that Amazon may be ready to announce a successor to the wildly popular Kindle Fire this summer. The tech blog reports that Amazon may be preparing for a July 31st launch event to announce the next Kindle-branded tablet.

CNET's sources also point to a built-in camera and physical volume controls among the additions. No word on any other new features, or if Amazon might be upgrading the version of Android that the device is built on. Currently the device runs on a heavily modified version of Gingerbread. While we wouldn't expect the appearance of the device to change, a number of improvements to the core OS would allow for better apps if the Kindle Fire supported them.

In any case, as with all rumors like this, we'll have to wait and see.

Source: CNET