A few weeks ago, we launched a little design contest with the main goal of getting some creative juices flowing ahead of firing up a full site redesign. We wanted to see some directions we can take the new AP logo and in exchange partnered with NVIDIA to reward the winner with a brand new Tegra 3-powered Iconia A510 (see our review).


As usual, there were a lot of creative submissions, and it was very hard to pick just one. But, in the end, there is only one prize, and we're going to award it to what I think was one of the more clever takes on the AP logo. Before I talk about the winner and the runners-up, I'd like to thank everyone - all 500+ of you who commented - for taking the time out of your busy schedules to contribute to Android Police. We love you all!

The Winner

Mark H. Evans' logo is clean, smart, geometrically interesting, and bears the right level of abstraction we were looking for. The A and the P (that's what those shapes are if you haven't picked it up right away) are brilliant. I personally think the monochrome version without the shadowing works best, but the one with colors is not too shabby either.

Congratulations, Mark. The Iconia A510 is rightfully yours!

image image image


Since we had many outstanding entries, I felt that a number of contestants deserved special recognition as runners-up. Here they are:

Tom Kington


Jason Leslie Wright


Ryan Smith

90w835 -0389904583



Joshua Richards


Michal Cabaj

Very clever - the ampersand is both an "and" and a "P"!

9485034 w09840324 90384036

Krzysztof Stano

image image image image

eM82 / Misi

image image image

Leigh Woods



029 59487

Joaquín Tuduri



Nick Hurlock

w8bGY image image

Graham Healy


Mark H. Delfs


Patrik Carlsson



Martin Vasquez

For the lulz.