Sony just announced its Internet Player, and Google is continuing the Google TV news with a revamp to its Google TV landing page. The site gives users a brief overview of what the platform does. Most notably, the "How It Works" page explains the distinction between the two types of Google TVs: integrated and what is apparently now known as "buddy box" style.


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The site also now lists many of the major Google TV products, which aren't all that numerous. Notably absent is the Logitech Revue which, while old, is still one of the cheapest ways to get in on Google's television platform, and the only box comparable in price to its competitor, the Apple TV. Given Logitech's thoughts on the device, though, we can't say its absence comes as a surprise.

Google certainly seems to be getting more and more involved in teaching consumers about products it works on, which is a nice trend. Hopefully we'll hear something about Google TV at the upcoming I/O conference. All the nice extras in the Google TV world won't mean much until Google makes the platform worth using.

Source: Google TV

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