About a month ago, Motorola updated its Ice Cream Sandwich update timeline. While we've already seen one update go live on schedule, we're still waiting on official word for the rest of the handsets on the list. Late last night, however, an ICS ROM for the Droid Bionic surfaced, and it seems to be a mostly-complete build.

Flashing this is extremely risky, and could potentially brick your device. You've been warned!

The leak first showed up on Droid Hive, and after digging through pages and pages of comments, users seem to be having a pretty good experience with it thus far. As with most Motorola leaks, it requires that you FXZ back to an older build, and there's no way to return back to Gingerbread once you flash the leak.

Still, if you're feeling froggy, jump on over to the source link for more info and downloads. I strongly encourage everyone to read through the entire thread before attempting to flash this.

Good luck!

[Droid Hive via Reddit]