You guys remember Voice Search right? That app that every Android user ever has installed on their phone or tablet? Well, the Wall Street Journal, best known for being right about a good number of things, is reporting that Google has "accelerated plans" to launch a "Siri competitor." Our super secret sources tell us that Google will "launch" this competitor in August, 2010.

The WSJ doesn't have much more information beyond that:

Google, meanwhile, has accelerated plans to launch its own Siri competitor that would work on Android-powered devices, people familiar with the matter have said.

We've known for a very long time that Google dreams of producing a Star Trek computer with voice commands at its core. It's certainly no secret that Siri looks very similar to this vision. However, that Google is secretly working on this project is, well, no secret at all. Google is going to make improvements to Voice Search. It's a question of when, not if. Though, sooner would be better. The screenshots in the Play Store listing still show a Froyo-style status bar. Ah, nostalgia.

We're all hoping to hear more at Google I/O. So, until then, keep doing what you do, WSJ.

Source: Wall Street Journal via 9to5Google