Whenever we find a game that's not a simple physics or tower defense game, it's a delight. Mystery Manor is a puzzle/adventure game that promises its game modes are "never ending." Which is quite a feat for a puzzle game. Outside of promises of infinity, the game looks positively fantastic. The artwork that has gone into this game is superb, and the style reminds us of old late 90s PC adventure games.


The game is a basic story-driven puzzle game. Since it's not terribly action-packed, it's great for all ages. The game also has a multiplayer aspect, so you and your friends can help each other out on different puzzles. The developer also releases new updates for the game, so even if it cost some money (which it doesn't), you'd get a decent bang for your buck.

If you're waiting for me to tell you how to download it, let's call that puzzle level zero.

Mystery Manor
Mystery Manor
Price: Free+