Tasker is a versatile app to say the least. In allowing users to create and schedule sophisticated automated tasks, it has made a name for itself as one of the most useful apps available for Android. The developer behind Tasker, Crafty Apps, is now expanding on that functionality, working on Tasker App Factory, an extension of the original app which allows users to export certain actions as individual apps.

The app (which will only work for Tasker beta users) has the capability to create standalone apps which have no reliance on the main Tasker app to run. According to App Factory's instructional document, app creation takes mere seconds, meaning users can capture Tasker's awesome functionality in a zippy, (relatively) easy process. For new users, App Factory features a "beginner" mode which will "make guesses about how to configure the resulting app." App Factory's description also advises that no programming experience (or even internet connection) is required to create task-based apps.

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What gives App Factory great potential is the fact that the resulting .apk files are not dependent on Tasker, meaning users can sell, reinstall, or otherwise disseminate their own tasks.

Those Tasker beta users who are interested in testing out App Factory and exporting their custom tasks to even more versatile standalone apps should hit the widget below to grab the download. By the way, users can check out Tasker's change log to see what's in the beta.

Tasker App Factory
Tasker App Factory
Developer: joaomgcd
Price: Free

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