Happy Collectibles Week, everybody! What's that? You've never heard of Collectibles Week? That's okay. Neither have we. Apparently Google is highlighting a bunch of games that offer in-app collectible items because Google knows what anyone who's played a game ever doesn't: that in-app items are the key to a game's success. Special items for Collectibles Week include (and these are all real) an Android habitat in Zoo Tycoon-style game, a "Bunny headphone" in a virtual aquarium and, just for you dads out there: an exclusive Deer Hunter Ugly Tie, coinciding nicely with Father's Day this weekend.

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In all seriousness, it looks like a decent collection of games, if you're bored. Or if you love hunting and looking tacky but don't like leaving the house or buying things. Nearly all the games in the Collectibles Week, err, collection are free, with the only exception, Zombie Smash, costing $1. Head over the Play Store via the link below to take a look. And, seriously. Take that tie off. You look ridiculous.

Source: Play Store