Here at Android Police, we love floating apps. Love, love, love, love, love 'em. And here's yet another one that we're adding to the list of floating apps we love: Hovernote. It's simply a note app that hovers over whatever you're doing. In a world where it's necessary to launch a full-screen app on a ten inch device to jot down three words, Hovernote is a godsend.


hovernote2 hovernote3 hovernote4

As you can see from the screenshots above, you can have multiple notes open, copy, paste and share from them, and even use the app on phones. Suddenly that Galaxy Note is looking more reasonably sized. No matter what device you use it on, though, this is something that is useful across the board.

As an aside, Google? If I may have a word: Clearly your users want to see more apps like these. They're huge now and there is no official support for apps like these from any major platform. In fact, the trend appears to be in the opposite direction. Your competitors want to make all apps full-screen. Make this functionality baked in. We will love you long time.

Thanks, Mike!

Developer: Vivian Lim
Price: Free