Is it possible to promise more in a game than "the power of God"? Probably not. That's what Babel Rising 3D, from AMALtd, is offering, though. In this game, the puny mortals of Earth are working to build a tower to the heavens and it's your role to stop them. Because that's how the story goes. You have a cornucopia of disasters, plagues and, well, acts of God, at your disposal.

Throughout the game, you can level up your powers (you're not one of those ominpotent-type gods, we assume), mastering the elements. That you created. And now have to learn. Look, it's a game, okay? A game where you get to use all manner of natural disasters to destroy peons. Enjoy it for what it is.

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The game was made in collaboration with Ubisoft, so the graphics are amazing. The game costs $5 in the Play Store, but looks to be worth every penny. We'll bring you a review once we've had some time with the game to let you know for sure, though. In the meantime, why not try it yourself? Just don't go mad with power. Last thing you need is to try to smite your boss with lightning.

Babel Rising 3D
Babel Rising 3D
Developer: happy IP
Price: $3.19