OrangePixel, the famous for retro-inspired hits like Stardash and Meganoid, debuted Chrono & Cash to the Play Store today, bringing another fun, low-res platformer to Android.

The game centers around Cash (a "talented thief") and his Chrono robot called CR2. The duo travel through time to rob various treasures from evildoers through a simple yet clever gameplay style. The visual style is consistent with OrangePixel's other offerings – well thought-out, colorful, and pleasing to the eye despite its (intentionally) low-res graphics.

Each level is comprised of a single screen with a variety of platforms, each holding treasure which the player must grab while avoiding contact with "the locals."

Adding some spice to the super-simple coin-op-inspired gameplay, Chrono & Cash offers players unlockable disguises and score challenges for an added dimension of difficulty. Players who enjoy the look and feel of retro arcade games will also be happy to note that the game supports both landscape and vertical orientations.

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For such a thoughtfully-crafted slice of low-res action, Chrono & Cash's $2.49 price tag is anything but unreasonable. Those interested in robbing historical baddies in four pixel-perfect environments should hit the widget below to grab the game.

Developer: OrangePixel
Price: $1.99