Between AirCalc, AirTerm, OverSkreen, and LilyPad HD one this is certain: we love floating apps. And by "we," I mean basically every Android user in existence who multitasks with their device. These apps are insanely useful, especially on large-screened devices like tablets.

What we need, though, is more of them. Now, thanks to a new open source library called StandOut, it's going to be easier than ever for developers to create floating apps.

As you can see, this basically lays the framework down for app developers to build their own windowed apps. Best of all, StandOut is completely free and open source, so, with enough support, will likely get better as time goes on.

Any developer who wants to check StandOut can head over to the source thread on XDA to grab the download. Now, hurry up with those floating apps! And if you're having problems thinking of what to build, a killer floating music player might be a good place to start (hint, hint).