Songkick is a fantastic service that helps avid concert fans track bands and concerts in their local area based on their music tastes. Well, now, the service is coming to Android with its shiny new app. Songkick can scan your music library, Google Music account, and artist to create a custom calendar of all the shows in your area you might like. Smart!

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The app is extremely slick and appears designed with ICS in mind, which certain older apps have only just started to get on board with. So, it's nice to see this one start with the new UI out of the gate. If you don't have ICS yet (read: most of you), don't worry. The app looks just as amazing on Gingerbread. On its first run, it will scan your media library, so if you're like me and added the free Google Music pack when you set up your account, it might be a good idea to do a bit of purging before you get your concert suggestions.

Songkick Concerts
Songkick Concerts
Developer:, Inc.
Price: Free