Look, I'll admit it up front: 9 times out of 10, when I buy accessories, I buy cheap and generic. A $5 phone pouch is just as good as a $30 one, right? I always thought I was getting the same product without paying for a fancy name stamped on it, a nicer package, and some more marketing. But between my cheap, universal car mount (which, while adjustable, never quite seems to hold any device quite as snugly as I'd like) or my universal arm band (which has required some cutting and doctoring with every new phone I get), one would think I'd know by now that you get what you pay for when it comes to accessories.

wm_IMG_1022 wm_IMG_1020 wm_IMG_1021

Thankfully, SPIGEN is here to reinforce the lesson that I've been so slow to learn. The company has a new Crumena pouch for the One X, and it's the polar opposite of the cheap accessories I've used. The X fits in perfectly - so snug, in fact, that it's difficult to pull the phone out with your fingers. That's where the pull tab comes in; it's magnetic, so it sticks to the side of the pouch and stays out of the way when not needed. When you do need your phone, just give the tab a tug and the phone slides out. It's a simple but elegant design - Occam's razor at its finest, doubly so since it's a mechanism that's not prone to breaking.

wm_IMG_1031 wm_IMG_1030

Apparently the One X is magnetic, as shown in the picture on the right.

The quality is immediately apparent, with stitching and overall feel that give the impression that it's built to last (plus, the leather looks and smells fantastic, if you're into that sort of thing). There are four holes in the pouch for the phone's speaker, meaning you can still actually hear notification sounds (or music, if you're alright with some muffling) when your phone is safely tucked away.

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In short: if you prefer to use a pouch for your One X (rather than a case or just going naked), look no further than the well built, thoughtfully designed Crumena line - you would be hard pressed to find one that's nicer.