Influential tech personality, and sometimes well-meaning rumormonger Robert Scoble kicked up some controversy earlier today when he reported via Google+ that Google's Andy Rubin was preparing to make an exit. Rubin, Scoble claimed, was planning to leave Google to take charge of a new startup called CloudCar. Andy Rubin has always been in charge of Android, so his departure would have cast an undeniable pallor over the upcoming Google I/O.

rubin tweet

Just a few hours after Scoble posted his thoughts on the matter, Andy Rubin came out of the woodwork on Twitter to make it clear he was not leaving Google. Rubin was the founder of Android, which was bought by Google back in 2005. In the intervening years, the search giant has provided Rubin with the resources to take over the mobile industry. Rubin also further expanded on the situation via his own Google+ page. Apparently, CloudCar is run by some friends of Rubin, and he was good enough to give them office space in his Los Altos startup incubator. That's the extent of it, but it's interesting to see how the rumor got started.

In squashing these rumors, Rubin also pointed out that Android activations have reached a whopping 900,000 per-day. Late last year that number was in the 700,000 device range, so it's clear Android is continuing its meteoric rise. 900,000 devices each day works out to 625 new devices being powered-on every single minute. Over 1000 devices have probably been added to the pile while you've been reading this. These are staggeringly big numbers, and they don't even include non-Google certified devices.

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