Splashtop makes some great remote desktop software. I like Splashtop. So please friends, readers, and developers over at Splashtop, keep in mind my love for the company as a whole when I say the following sentence: Charging users $25 to try out Windows 8 on an Android tablet is an absurd, opportunistic, rip off of an idea. Most disappointingly, it will work for a small minority of users. And their money spends just the same as any other.

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The madness begins when you discover that the $25 entry fee to the Windows 8 tablet show is a steep discount. The app will eventually climb up to $50. Fifty. Five, and then a zero before we reach the decimal point. At $25, this app is already two and a half times more expensive than the company's second-cheapest apps, which all come in at $9.99 right now (some are, admittedly, on sale). The full price is five times more expensive than any other product right now. You could buy tickets to the Avengers for three to four of your friends, or tickets to What To Expect When You're Expecting for three to four of your enemies for that much money.

If you absolutely must have Windows 8 running in something resembling a tablet form factor, and money is no object, though, this app will help. However, as with other Splashtop products, this is still a BYOOS situation. You'll need a computer running the Windows 8 Release Preview. Which means, among other things, you'll already have access to most Windows 8 features. Given the price, one must justifiably ask what you get for your money. Well here's a portion of the feature list:

Now with Splashtop, you can enjoy native Win 8 Metro touch gestures:
- Swipe from the right for the Charms menu
- Swipe from the left to switch apps
- Pull down from the top to close the app
- Swipe slowly from the left to run two apps side-by-side
- Pinch to do Semantic Zoom
- And many more gestures for you to explore!

So, gestures. Which, admittedly, is nice if you want to see what a Windows 8 tablet would feel like before they're released. It's worth noting that this probably isn't very helpful for developer use. Windows RT is the version that runs on ARM processors and it's very likely that many if not all Windows 8 tablets will be utilizing the ARM architecture. So gestures is pretty much all you're getting here.

While I can't in good conscience recommend this app based on the price, you're all responsible adults, I assume. If you want to see what Windows 8 will feel like on a tablet, grab it from the widget below. Do it quickly, though, before the price jumps up to $50.

The app was not found in the store. :-(